Our Services

interior design consultation

Residential / Commercial / Retails / Others related to interior design

contracting works

We have our own base and long-term relationship workers and suppliers to make designers' drafts come out

space planning

Re-organisation of the limited spacing, to maximize your storage, beautiful your place

material sourcing

Designers will search around, price negotiations and make good the order & delivery

furniture design

On site tailor made fixture & furniture ensure to fit the space, and factory stability of products to maintain finishings in good qualities

technical drawings

Draftsman using AutoCAD to create details drawings, 3D max to create computer renderings.  By then, designer will explain to clients before manufacturing

project management

At least 2 Designer-in-charge from start to the end of project until client move in

customer care

One team, one project.  Clients only need to communicate with Designer-in-charge which is no need to deal with workers or suppliers during the project